Saturday, March 24, 2012

One year and a "new" used sewing machine

Last week was the first anniversary of the fire at our hobby farm. My hubby and I talked about that day and the days after off and on all week. After a year, I still feel very fortunate that we were not home at the time of the fire. I pay attention now to other home fires that are reported in the news or newspaper. I know for sure that two houses burned down in this past year in Minneapolis where one or more adults did not make it out. I can understand how hard it is to maneuver when your home is filled with smoke. We will always be grateful to the fire department for their efforts on that day. If you are reading this, make sure your smoke alarms are working and the batteries are new.

 Last week, I finally replaced my sewing machine that was lost in the fire. The firemen actually through it out a window thinking they might save it. I found almost the exact sewing machine on Craig’s List. The person I bought it from picked it up at an estate sale. The original owner bought it in 1980 at a small sewing shop in Minneapolis. The manual is loaded with her notes and scraps of fabric when she was learning all the stitches and features of this amazing machine. I feel like I am carrying on her legacy now. The machine is in excellent condition and hums along beautifully as I sew. This machine is a few years newer than my original but still a model where nothing is computerized (which is what I wanted). Meet Bernie:
First sewing on the machine was some baby blankets.
I am teaching Ellery to sew!
Finished blankets!
Thanks for stopping by and TTFN, Michele